Saturday, 4 July 2015

Job hunting or studies or fashion designing course?

Hola :D How are you all? I have been job hunting these days. Jobs are quite important you see. They give you money for your clothes and food after all. I wish i was as lucky as Gaby from Desperate Housewives when she went out to find a job T_T Getting to play dress-up with people and 40% discount on store items, what more can a girl ask for >.< Well free food and clothes, but no-one is that generous except your parents :D :P Waiting out for a job is easy when you have movies to keep you company :D 'Dumb and Dumber' is a classic movie!!! I can not stress it enough. No matter how many times you watch, it remains funny. :D Hats off to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels!!

Even though i am job hunting, i am not even sure if its the right decision. I mean i do have an option for higher studies. Or should i go down some other path, like, fashion designing? Or should i learn from a seamstress? I can't decide. Every path have their own pros and cons, how do i choose from them then? Before i started sewing, higher studies was my priority. But now, i know how much i love making my own clothes. Its so confusing, as if i am on a cross-road and every road leads to a different destination and each one is beautiful. Am i making any sense? Because in my head, i am ~.~
Since my head was so full of thoughts, i had to clear it so that i could think straight so i did what i always do. I read a manga!! Its named 'Shigatsu wa kimi no uso' and is a beautiful story :D Every manga is beautiful, i don't judge :D Doing something you love really clears up your head and you, automatically, starts feeling good. I am still not a 100% sure but i think i would love to continue sewing along with a part-time job. This answer seems easy enough but for me, it was a bit more complicated than that. But i asked about it and i guess papa is okay with my decision, makes me happy :)

I did sew something (babydoll dress or smock dress) yesterday :D I used my brother's shirt for this DIY but any XL shirt/t-shirt will do. Here is the final pic:

It is a super easy diy project :D And was quite fun to make. My next post will be about it. So tune in :D God, i always wanted to say that :D

Thanks for reading my post :D


Monday, 22 June 2015

Farewell party / Saree craze

Hello y'all!! I am so into saree these days. I mean look at them, they can make a girl go from 0 to hot (even me)
We had our dreaded and most anticipated farewell a while back, dreaded due to the timing and all. But it turned out just fine, in fact more than just fine. It was a fun day/evening and quite eventful. I lost my purse and when i found it somebody had already taken out all the money out of it ~.~ so that was a bad end. Do you guys carry your purses all the time? Even during dancing? If so, then how? 
I was skeptical about wearing a saree ~.~ I am 5'2" with a really small frame, I can pass for a school going girl somedays ~.~ Am i complimenting myself? Naah :P And i was told that i would look weird in a saree. A girl's gotta prove herself you know :D Well anyhoo, I bought this saree specially for farewell and bought matching accessories and footwear as well. It was hard to move in saree as i wore heels but i got the hang of it bit by bit. I couldn't even change my footwear as the saree was wrapped according to my height with heels. Ugh! My feet hurt by the time i was finished but so worth it!! d(^_^)b

So this is me :D

The blouse i wore wasn't how i asked it to be made but the lady made it so and since there was no other option, i had to wear it. But i think i like this one better :O

I tried straightening my hair and it didn't stay straight all day long T.T Any ideas on straightners? I have sorta curly hair if that helps ~.~

I wore some pearly ear-rings but they were too heavy and hurted while i danced so i took them off. Any tips on how to accessorize sarees? 

So all in all, i can say it was pretty eventful :D
Well guys, thanks for reading :)


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sorry (hibernation and college special)

Hey everyone, sorry i have been hibernating. Okay, that's a lie, i am not a bear but trust me, if i could i would go into hibernation. I like that word 'hibernation'. :D
So i am a full fledged engineer now. Yay \o/\o/\o/ I got my results yesterday and i passed with an honors degree :D
The past few months have been a wreck. ~.~ I didn't know how hard engineering was and how tough dealing with teachers can be :/ I know i am not liked by many teachers in my college, they think i am eccentric and what not. I am a fun-loving person by heart and nature, i like to enjoy myself but that doesn't mean i would do something mean towards my teachers. I have never once been rude towards any teacher and there are some i actually respect. But what happens when a teacher has a personal vendetta against you without any reason? They make you work like crazy, taunt you, embarrass you infront of everybody, make you stay extra hours! I am not trying to say every teacher is like this. I have met many who have impacted my life greatly in a positive way and still do. But there are some teachers who are out to get you just 'cause they don't like you. It sounds absurd, but it is, what it is. I was treated differently. I was threatened by my teacher that he will not let me pass. If i did anything wrong that threat would have been valid but nope, i did the same amount of work everybody else did. I know in the end, he gave me the credits i deserved. I may be over-reacting but those days were like mental torture to me.
I am sorry about ranting but i wanted to write about it. Do a person need to be a teacher's pet to get good credits? Should a teacher be allowed to do this? I have been respectful to that teacher and never gave him any trouble, still i had to go through all that? Even know i don't understand why i was singled out?
Anyways, thanks for reading you guys. And i am sorry for being gone.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bracelet stacking!!

When i first saw someone on the internet wearing a lot of bracelets on their wrists/arms, i was like 'that looks easy, even i can do that.' That was 2 years ago and for the love of god i still can't figure it out (-.- )

'Stacked bracelets' should look like this:

or this:

I guess now we have established how a perfectly stacked arm candies should look like. So let us take a look at my attempts.

Close enough? ;D
Do you have any tips on how to 'perfect' this technique? 'cause as you can see, i need help :D So do tell me about it.

Thanks for reading :)


Variation in head-band hairstyles (6 ways)

It is an easy up-do. And when i say easy, i mean the easiest one ever! All you'll be needing for this hairstyle is a comb and a headband! Can it get any simpler?
And all you have to do is:

1. Wear your headband.
2. Tuck/wrap pieces/chunk of hair from each side. (from sides to mid)

And that is it! Easy, right? Told ya so :D It is a great hairstyle for a hot weather. There can be many variations to this hair-style-

  • You can start from the very front, like this:

  • Or from behind your ears, like this:  

  • Or wear with a super-cute headband:

  • Or half tuck like this:

  • Or just a huge tuck of your hair like this:

  • Or like this tuck and braid:

I was browsing the internet to look for some cool hairstyles and found all of these pics. I thought that it was such an easy hairstyle and there were a lot of variations to it, which i personally find quite appealing. What do you think? Which one do you like the best?
I hope you liked this post :)
Thanks for reading :)


Friday, 12 September 2014

Sorry D:

Today has got to be the worst day ever because a) i have a cold. b) i hate cold. c) google+ deleted many of my pics from the blog. FML. To everyone visiting my blog, i'm so so sorry. If you visited a 'pic-less' post of mine, trust me i didn't know. I didn't know that deleting back-up would delete my blog pics. (v . v) (that's me feeling bad)
I am trying to recover those photos (if that's possible) so please bear with me till then :'(

With all the love in the world,

Diy ripped boyfriend jeans

Yes, this is me trying to rock ripped jeans or so i think in this post :D I just 'ripped' some (3!) straight legged jeans of mine. It was super fun and once i started i couldn't stop.

You know how to dress these jeans? Its simple.
1. Throw on a printed flowy tee with a cardigan. Don't mind the mess on my bed (._.;) I am clearly not an organized person when 'the time to dress' comes!  

2. With a fitted striped high neck (?) top:
3. With a Crew-neck top, like this:
I know. Too much editing. But you get the idea.
These 3 are how i wear my ripped jeans. Personally, i like them. They are easy to dress-up or dress down, according to the occasion.

How to do the 'ripping', as i like to call it:

1. Cut 2 straight lines (of same length) in your jeans where you want the 'ripping'.

 2. Find the loose thread.

I am pointing to it.
3. Using a safety pin or needle (I prefer safety pins, no reason, okay?) pull-out the loose threads.

 4. Do so for the complete cut.

And you now have a 'ripping' in your jeans! Use this step anywhere on your jeans. Preferable areas are:

  • around the pocket
  • knees
  • mid-thigh
  • back pocket
  • on the fold of your jeans (if you fold them at your ankles)
Well, i hope you liked this post, if so, then leave a comment. :D
Thanks for reading :D