Monday, 14 October 2013

Dotted nail art :D

I must say nail art sure is fun :D
You can almost do anything with them as far as your imagination goes. I personally think nails are an important part to get your desired look. :D
All you will need is a black nail-color and a color of your choice (must be contrasting, otherwise it won't look good) I like to add a layer of top coat just to secure the design but you may skip it if you like.
So well here it is:

Why does it look grey in the pic :O
Well whatever, the color combo i chose was black and shiny white.

You can change the spacing of the dots. I made them close, you can make them far apart or however you wish. 
If you make the dots apart, it will look like this:

They look better ~.~

Hope you liked it.
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Friday, 11 October 2013

I was busy, sorry for not updating

So these past few days or maybe months have been very busy due to exam and stuffs so couldn't write anything. Oh, how much i missed it T_T
Writing is really a way out for me from everything, DIY's too. :D
I love making things, its more like i have to make things as i am pretty small (why god, why? T_T) and i can never find anything i like in my size. So you get the jist.
I actually made a couple of things, but i din't captured how my clothes looked before.
But they are super cute and super easy so i will show it to you :D
I am sure you will love it :D
I love love shopping, seriously it can take your mind off anything, be it food or exams :P
I bought a couple of things in the past few days. Couple of things for papa, he actually liked it :D guess my choice isn't that bad. :D
I bought a really really cute top and sunglasses, which were not needed. But i am a compulsive buyer so i bought it -_-

1.  I fell in love with this as soon as i saw it. :D
cute right :D

2. Never let a bow fool you. I bought this top just for the bow and also 'cause its an off shoulder top and it looked good on me :D

But the bow is cute :D
 3. These shades are not that special but it was sad before i bought them.

Look how happy it is now :P

Well, that concludes the things i bought for myself. Not too shabby, right? :D
Will buy other stuffs later :D so stay tuned :D (always wanted to say this :D)
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Ten Ways to Dress Up a Ponytail

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Ten Ways to Dress Up a Ponytail: Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on my hair.  But at the same time, I don't want to look like a homeless h...

I love shoes..

Seriously, nothing is better than going for shoes shopping <3
I literary love shoes. Maybe my shoe collection is bigger than my whole wardrobe :P
I seriously go out to buy some clothes and what i end up buying are shoes of all types. The only type i don't have are those super high stilletos. I do want to buy them but they seem scary :( I feel as if i won't be able to walk wearing them. I wish someday i will get past this fear of mine and will buy those super gorgeous and super sexy heels that i have been eyeing on :D
Isn't it seriously mean that whenever you go out shopping, 2 things might happen:
1. You would wish to buy everything.
2. You would have wished to stay at home.

And when i am in mood for shopping, i mostly never find anything to my liking and well today i was out there to help my elder sister shop and seriously, if i could i would've bought the shop :P (along with the merchandise ofcourse :P)

These are the shoes that i bought today. Love each of them, super pretty <3

These simple belle shoes were so pretty sitting on that rack that i had to get up and try them on. And at that moment i thought nothing could look prettier than this. That combination of red, off white and black wool work on the top of these is seriously pretty <3

these are purple btw

And here i thought i could never find anything prettier *-*
But look at these shoes, how can anyone not fall in love with them.
They are purple wedges and i think they could go with any anything as they are not the dirty purple but the pretty purple, i hope thats making some sense and I absolutely adore them <3

These third black wedges are really party wear types. They have higher heels than my purple wedges and looked fantabulous when i tried them on.
I really love shopping, nothing can be more relaxing then going out for shopping with no money limit. :P
But as fate could have it, it really costed me a fortune -_-'
And I spent all my pocket money, don't know how i am going to live without money for the next few days -_-'
But whatever i loved them and thats all that matters (i have to give courage to myself by repeating this sentence :P)
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why the name turning point?

You see everyone eventually wants a turning point in their life.
Too much sorrows makes you want for happiness and too much happiness will never let you know the true happiness behind the word happiness. A turning point in life is needed to shape you into the man that you are supposed to be.
Its upon you whether to be a person who you want or not. What a turning point gives you is exposure to the coming things, it doesn't define you rather you define it.
So make everything 'Turning Point' the best one in your life. <3


Super happy :D

Bought a lot of accessories today :P I was down for the past few days (due to my skin -_-') So needed a deviation and shopping really does help taking your mind off of things :)
These costed me A LOT though and had to pay for them myself 'cause papa said that i already have a lot of stuff :'( But whatever i love them and thats all that matters :D

Love this beautiful bow shaped ring <3

These cute dolphins <3

Wanted a hear shaped ring so bought it, its color is actually teal, really pretty <3

Reminded me of Bugs Bunny :D

I love the shape, Playboy :P

Looked sorta ethnic so bought it as well :D
Who doesn't love an owl :P But seriously it looks sorta old, i mean its pretty really <3

It looks cute trust me :D
Seriously i loved each one of them and i hope to buy more :P I really am a shopaholic, a impulsive one on that :P Well who doesn't love to have new stuffs in their wardrobe :)
I hope who-so-ever is reading it likes it as well :D
Do comment or rate if you'd like :)
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Happy today :D

Hehe :D The main reason for that is my skin cleared up a bit today. That means i can probably go out, okay maybe not but it will be better by the end of the week :D
And also that i bought a whole bundle of nail paints :p
I thought i was only into hair styling but i like to make my nails pretty too :D
Recently i am learning new nail arts and since i am new to it, it isn't as pretty as i wanted it to be. If all of you see my old nail arts you will probably laugh at me :P

The above is my old nail art ~.~ As you can see its shabby.

My new nail art, not too shabby right? I am progressing :D

The above is my oldest nail art. Not too great i know.

But i'd like to think I do have talent in nail designing :P I mean its fun :D 
The first two i did using scotch tape and really its damn easy and for the dots in the 2nd one i used a tooth pick.
The last one was done using only my nail paint brush (not the nail art one).
If you want more nail arts you can comment :)
Thanks you reading my blog btw :)